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Domain Acquisition Services, the buying and selling domain names is one part of the business model at CHHE6. Reference frames / domain names can impact on a business positively like few other marketing assets could. If you are interested in acquiring a specific domain name feel free to forward your details using the contact details stating the desired domain name and the nature of your current business. We will not act as a broker without first requiring your specific agreement to do so.

How To Transfer A Domain: If you own a website, there may come a time when you want to conduct a domain transfer over to a new registrar. You should familiarize yourself with the transfer policies of both the old host / registrar and the new host / registrar and follow the advice / instructions listed on the respective websites.

Generally you will need to pay a fee for the transfer to a new host or registrar. First set up your account and pay any necessary fees. Then visit your control panel at your current host and follow directions to unlock the domain, you cannot transfer a locked one. If you have previously put your site name under private registration, this will need to disable this before the transfer (private registration hides your personal contact information) your new host / registrar will need this information to complete the transfer. Check that the personal contact information listed is current and matches that which you provided, or will provide to your new host / registrar. You will require your transfer security key from your current host. You will need this when you request the transfer to the new host. This is an important security measure that lets the new host / registrar know you are the owner of the domain requesting transfer. This is generally all that is required for a domain transfer, but the process can vary a little depending on the hosts / registrars. Once the steps are completed the process usually takes several days before the transfer is complete.

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