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Domain Names: Marketing Multi-Channels – Cognitive Calls To Action.

A domain is the way to control your own destiny. Owning the right domain name gives you the edge over your competitors. How you choose your domain name will depend on your business, If you are an existing brick-&-mortar location, you will possible choose a domain that matches your current business /brand name, therefor having the matching domain makes sense for your clients – customers. If your already online and bid on keywords at Google AdWords and Yahoo search engines advertising your existing presence ? Then you should own domain names that include those same keywords, they are “cognitive” calls to action.

Remember the crucial importance of “Location” A good domain name is comparable to opening your store in the very best location with all the Intrinsic value and inherent marketing value this gives your company. The right domain name gives your business a level of professional credence and legitimacy you simply cannot attain in any other way. The .COM and country code .IN suffix are recognised brands based on years of worldwide marketing. The worlds top companies have spent a fortune acquiring their respective .COM domain names that often define the genre.

Many of us will have great difficulties in business due to macro-economic changes in the broader economy, but good domain names will continue to go up in relative value, driven by the internet internationally, the learning curve of people acquiring knowledge, and by general education re: the value proposition of a better name. Ask yourself what is the cost of a monthly rent or an ad in a national magazine when building a new brand ? Then consider the lifetime value a multi-channel cognitive domain to your company.
India’s GNP is dependant home consumers this upward curve is inevitable.

The many new GTLD have no historic value. The failure of former would be contenders such as .travel, .biz .mobi and .pro to satiate demand for coveted names, shows that adding more skim milk to the mix will not stop the cream from rising, that cream is .COM & Country Code.

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